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Personalized cupcake toppers

With CupcakeKit you can easily make your own printable cupcake toppers at home. If you need them with a specific text or message or in certain colors you can adjust that with just a couple of clicks. If you need them for a birthday party you can put in a number or a name of the Birthday Boy/Girl. For a baby shower you can print ones with the name of the mother. They can also be used to celebrate graduation or as wedding cupcake toppers. Everything can be completely personalized to fit your needs. What is more, you can even use them as favor tags.

How to make cupcake toppers

You can make them is just a few simple steps. First, you should type in the text that you would like the toppers to have. As you will see the text width will be adjusted automatically. Remember that longer words may become tiny and difficult to read. Once the text is set you can specify its color. Then you can set the color palette by selecting the right colors for your topper. Finally you can select the template that you like most. When you ready you can download a Pdf. Toppers are sized to 2" (12-up on a 8.5 "x 11" page).

For best results, print on heavy white card stock. The easiest way to cut them is to use 2" paper punch. The final shape of the topper is up to you and depends on the shape of the punch. You can find circular, scallop or flower shaped punches. You can also cut them out by hand with scissors or scalpel and give them any shape you like. There is no reason why they shouldn't all be unique if you want more diversity. By selecting a certain template you define the style of the inner part but the final shape will be defined with the final cuts made with a punch or manually. To put the cupcake toppers on the cupcakes we will need lollipop sticks and some tape (alternatively you can use hot glue). You will have to stick the lollipop stick on the back of the cut out topper.

Printable cupcake toppers

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